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  • 7 Boredom Busting Winter Weekend Ideas

    Let’s just say it. Winter can really stink. Kids are stuck in the house, it’s miserably cold outside, and everyone’s tempers are short. So we compiled our top 7 awesome activities for you to do with your kids INSIDE during cold winter weekends. Yeah, you’re welcome! So we compiled our top 7 awesome activities for you to do with your kids at home during the break. Yeah, you’re welcome! 1: Indoor Snowballs. Oh, Amazon, how we love thee. We’re not huge fans of spending money on junky stuff, but these things are AWESOME. They *feel* like a snowball, and can be used again and again. They don’t hurt, they’re super fun, and they’re cheap on Amazon (but can also be found at local stores). Hint: ....

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  • Events

    2017 Testing Dates:

    Color Belt Testing week of: March 6th, May 1st, June 26th, Aug 21st, Oct. 16th, Dec. 18th
    Black belt Mid Term Week of: May 1st, Aug 21st, Dec. 18th
    Black Belt Pre-Tests: Forms/Fit Aug. 18th, Break/Kick Sept. 29th, Sparring Oct. 13th, Re-test Dec. 1st
    Sparring April 28th, Re-test June 2nd
    Black Belt Testings: June 24th, Dec. 16th
    AIT Collar Tests: March 8th, June 28th, Oct. 18th
    Black Belt Prep Classes: July 11th, Aug. 1st, Sept. 5th, Oct. 3rd, Nov. 7th, Dec. 5th
    AIT Super Sessions 9am-1pm: Jan 28th, March 25th, May 13th, July 29th, Sept. 30th, Dec 2nd ....

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  • Instructional Materials

    How To Tie Your Belt:

    For complete videos of the forms/curriculum please visit our Student Facebook group:
    Active Martial Arts Family at ....

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